New nethack variant
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2018-07-05 21:04:02 UTC
So I was thinking that it would be really easy to make a nethack variant with the nethack wizard mode.

I've made a couple of templates in the past.

I feel like other variants are aimed at making nethack harder, or just adding more things (nethack+ unnethack, slash em).

Here's what's interesting. Nethack 3.4.3 is a palate. You can make a lot of really fun games with it even without doing any new programming.

1. You can leave writing anywhere that says anything. This is a really fun aspect to the game I think is under utilized. Lots of clues can be left such as "Dig at 3w, 5n, from the upstairs of level 12 to find a silver spear". "Push a boulder in the first room at on Sokobon level 3. I left a wand of Teleport underneath one of them." "fill the river on level 8 with boulders, there is gold under the riverbed". Or even more obscure clues.

2. Take away all the guaranteed/semi-guaranteed items in Nethack (Wand of wishing at castle, bag of holding/amulet of reflection at sokobon, amulet of lifesaving at vlads, luckstone at mine's end, shield of reflection, shield of reflection/boots of levitation at medusa's, tool shop/light shop candles at gnometown). Replace it with other guaranteed items (guaranteed magic marker, boots of speed, gauntlets of power, d
ragon armor, guaranteed co-aligned altar, etc.)

3. Fun new areas and semi permanent areas (a river you need to cross, an enchanted forest, library, etc.

4. Possibility to create new artifacts. Wishing in wizard mode allows you to wish for items exceeding normal enchantment possibility. Weapons at +15 enchantment are about equal to most artifact weapons at +7 in to-hit and damage, except they work on everything (unlike things like frost brand and firebrand and mojo) and never ruin opponent's items. You could also create named artifacts like a ring of protection/ring of increase damage +10 or +15.

Does anyone know how to remove the "trickery" thing from the game? If I could do this then I could create a game with more than one quest nemesis or have the player attacked by a trio of them.

Any way to wizard mode and then unwizard so people can play the game? Any way to make it accessible to multiple classes (if you do a wizard mode and go backwards it's limited to one class (unless you remake the game for every class ugh so much work!).
2018-07-08 22:59:10 UTC
Just bumping this.

Does anyone have the unwiz utility so I can unwiz my wizard game and turn it into a variant?

Please and thank you.