Announcement: NetHack Fourk version Released
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Jonadab the Unsightly One
2017-12-07 11:40:02 UTC

Today, December 7th, 2017: a day that will live in infamy. The roguelike gaming community was suddenly and deliberately attacked by NetHack Fourk version, which has been unleashed upon the world to wreak whatever havoc it may.


Play Online (Recommended):
* US server (Vermont):
ssh ***@hardfought.org
web https://www.hardfought.org/hterm
* EU server (Germany):
ssh ***@ascension.run
web https://ascension.run/hterm/

* Precompiled binary for 64-bit MS Windows:
* Source for version (PKWare ZIP format):
* Source for version (tarball):
* Source repository:
git clone https://github.com/tsadok/nhfourk.git

Build Instructions:
* For all Unix-type systems (Linux, BSD, Mac, etc.), see the regular README:
* For MS Windows, instead see:

Major Changes (since

* New tilesets have been added (see full list below).

* More race/role options and differentiation. If you've always
wanted to play as a Dwarf Priest, Giant Samurai, or Scurrier
Ranger, now you can. (Scurriers are a race of bipedal humanoid
rodents. They are fast and have innate digging ability.)

* Each type of armor now has minimum and maximum sizes for who it will
fit, so if you are a small race (e.g., Gnome) or a very large race
(e.g., Giant), you may not be able to wear everything. (However,
Giants start with ten extra points of Defense, compared to other
races; and Gnomes can see in the dark.)

* The speed system has been overhauled: various sources of speed
(or temporary slowness) now stack with each other, so e.g., if
you are wearing speed boots, drinking potions of speed will
still provide a benefit: they speed you up even more.

* Many of the special levels now have new versions.

* The life cycle of dragons has been extended. Watch out for dragon
halls, which may contain elder dragons or even ancient dragons.

* Potions of healing and of full healing no longer have an overheal
effect; for that you specifically need potions of extra healing
to give you "extra" healing above your maximum.

* There is now a scroll of consecration, which can be used to create
an altar (or, if confused, a magic chest).

* There are now role-specific and in some cases also race-specific
ways to improve your alignment record.

Other Changes:

* New monsters, including jitterbugs and gryphons. (The latter
can be saddled and ridden, if you can tame one.)

* The following have been buffed: lances (including Dragonbane,
which knights can get via crowning); cornuthaums; stealth;
speed (intrinsic, extrinsic, and temporary speed now stack);
giant spiders (web spinning attack); monster hitpoint regen;
Trollsbane; quarterstaves (improve spell-casting success rate);
Elbereth (works against most humans; but not against your quest
nemesis, sorry); scrolls of scare monster; Mjollnir (it no
longer hits and shocks the thrower 1% of the time); scroll of
stinking cloud; crystal balls

* The Priest and Caveman quest artifacts have changed.

* Wielding Stormbringer now causes peaceful and tame monsters to
attack you while you are wielding it. (It does NOT cause you
to attack things you don't intend to attack.)

* End-of-game item identification, and the dumplog, places
information the player character did not know in brackets.

* More conducts are tracked than before.

* Yellow lights emit light with a larger radius than before.

* Ghosts are invisible.

* Teleport control is disrupted by the mysterious force when you
are carrying the Amulet of Yendor.

* Food no longer has a random 1/7 chance to be rotten when you eat

* Bribeable demons will no longer accept tiny amounts of money.

* Fire Brand and Frost Brand are now short swords; but they can
be dual-wielded together. Also, Sting can be held second to
Orcrist, for two-weapon combat.

* By default, bones will not load on special levels; this includes
Minetown and Delphi. If you want bones to be loaded even on
special levels, you have to go into the options and change the
bones setting to fully enabled.

* The numbers of experience points needed to reach various levels
has been reduced, significantly.

* There are several new types of shops. (They are, however, rare.)

* Looking things up with whatis (/) now gives useful information.

* For more details on what has changed, see the changelog:

* Automatically-generated spoilers area also available. If you have a
local copy of the game, you can generate your own using the #spoilers
command in debug mode (they are created in the same directory as the
xlogfile and livelog). You can also find the automatically generated
spoilers, as well as Sokoban spoilers, online at


Which tileset to show is selectable in the options. All tilesets
are available in the SDL client (only text tilesets otherwise).
The list of tilesets included with the game is now as follows:
* text-unicode (NEW, differentiates all dragon ages)
* text-legacy (for if your terminal doesn't know UTF-8)
* text-ascii (for that fully retro look, no weird characters)
* geoduck (graphical but with elements of the text symbols)
* slashem-16 (basically the vanilla default GUI tileset)
* slashem-32 (NEW, 32x32, 8-bit color)
* dawnlike (16x16, 4-bit color, very distinctive art style)
* fmob (NEW, 24x24, each tile has one foreground color, plus black)
* rltiles (32x32, 32-bit color)


Feedback and bug reports can be submitted in the following ways:

* IRC is the fastest way to get an answer. You can leave feedback in
the #nethack4 channel on Freenode, which is shared between NetHack4
and its major variants (Fourk and FIQHack). Mentioning the word
Fourk in here guarantees that I will see your message when I am
next online.

* Bugs can now be reported in the public bug tracker,
(Please bear with us if this is a bit slow. It's a new installation, and
we still need to do some performance tweaking.)

* Correspondence about NetHack Fourk may also be sent to jonadab
either on the Freenode IRC network or by email (at columbus.rr.com).
If using email, please make sure that the word "Fourk" is included
in the Subject: header of your message. (I get a lot of junk mail
and rely absolutely on whitelist filters to bring actual relevant
messages to my attention. If the Subject has Fourk in it, Arsinoe
will see the message in my POP3 inbox and /msg me.)

* For other options, see
2018-04-29 12:23:44 UTC
Would it be possible to give instructios on how to play with the Dawnlike tileset? I have been looking for in the options but no success. Thanks!
Jonadab the Unsightly One
2018-05-05 11:36:02 UTC
Post by j***@gmail.com
Would it be possible to give instructios on how to play with the Dawnlike tileset? I have been looking for in the options but no success. Thanks!
To play with the Dawnlike tileset, do the following:

1. Make sure you are using the SDL version.
2. Go into the Options menu.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the options list.
4. Select the Tileset option.
5. Set it to Dawnlike-16.