[slashem] Hardfought now hosting Slash'EM online
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Keith Simpson
2018-09-19 17:27:38 UTC
I know there's a fair amount of Slash'EM discussion here, so I thought I'd share. Hardfought is hosting Slash'EM online now, version is 0.0.8E0F2 - the github repository for it can be found at https://github.com/k21971/slashem/tree/hardfought

A fair amount of people have been asking off/on for a port to be brought up. I found an older repo at https://github.com/mistydemeo/slashem - the groundwork had been laid down for E0F2 with a small handful of bugfixes on top of E0F2, and then hadn't been touched in almost 2 years. Decided to fork it and continue where work had left off.

Right now there's a few more bugfixes, an enhanced xlogfile, autopickup extension support, and dumplogs (can be viewed online). One 'quality of life' addition as well (auto-open doors). Dumplogs need some more tweaks. And I'd like to add some bits like statuscolors and eventually Curses support.

If you'd like to play it, ssh ***@hardfought.org (or eu.hardfought.org or au.hardfought.org). Any feedback is welcome. I'd like to get this to a point to where it can be included in future Junethack tournaments.
Keith Simpson
2018-09-19 17:30:09 UTC
Correction - 'bugfixes on top of E0F1'